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“ A gem. Jaworski takes us
on a personal journey
to the source of creation.
Profound and inspiring.”

—W. Brian Arthur , economist and author of The Nature of Technology

Praise for Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation

Source is an impressive account of Jaworski’s lifelong quest into the underlying realities of life. It provides in a convincing way and at the right time the kind of insights we need toshape our future. This book is a must-read for everyone who aspires to a leading role in creating the next stage of human civilization.”

Herman Wijffels, former CEO, Rabobank; former Chairman, Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands; and former board member, The World Bank


“ Leadership requires you to adapt thoughts to the facts and to inspire others with those thoughts. But which ‘facts’ do you see and how do thoughts become new ‘ahas’? Source helps you to understand this process, bringing what you ‘feel somewhere or vaguely’ to a new level. So it’s sustainable energy for your brain!”

Jeroen van der Veer, Vice Chairman of the Board, Unilever PLC, and former CEO, Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies


“ Jaworski has spent his life exploring the path we all must walk if there is to be a livable future ahead. Source is a well-written story of the extraordinary people he has met and the fascinating discoveries he has made along the way. It can be read with pleasure and profit by anyone, and deserves to be.”

Dee W. Hock, CEO and Founder Emeritus, Visa International, and author of Birth of the Chaordic Age and One from Many


“ Robert Greenleaf called foresight the ‘central ethic of leadership,’ adding that ‘to see the unforeseeable’ and ‘to know the unknowable’ is the mark of a leader. If you want to know how to develop the capacity for better foresight, read Jaworski’s book Source. It should be required reading for policymakers and those leading enterprises of every size.”

Jack Lowe, Chairman, TD Industries, and former Chairman of the Board, Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership